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New Diamond is a new company founded in 2011, but our team has specialized in drilling and pneumatic tools manufacturing since 1998.Currently, the industrial park covers 56,000 m2 in Pingjiang county, Hunan, which ranks top 3 in Chinese DTH and thread hammers and bits factories, which is verified by a third-party company CCIS(PRC).

We make steel for our hammers and bits, which is sole in China. All our products are under strict quality control and inspection, there are 8 times heat treatment operations to ensure the ideal hardness of our products; and all of our products have passed the ISO9000 quality management system certificate.We have already won some customers and built cooperation with some mining companies, construction and drilling companies in southeast Asia, Africa, Australia and South America.

Our goal is to be the most favored one in drilling industry.You are welcome to come to visit us!

Domestic:+86 730 6808685

International:+86 731 89708148


yueyang city ping jiang industrial park

Email:China market:[email protected]
Overseas market:[email protected]
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